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South Ossetia, officially the Republic of South Ossetia, is an unrecognized country in the South Caucasus, internationally recognized as part of neighbouring Georgia.


South Ossetia is a country that seceded from — but is still claimed by — Georgia. Central Georgia's Kartli region lies to its south and east and the Rioni Region to its west. To the north is the ethnically identical North Ossetia region of Russia's North Caucasus.

South Ossetia successfully secured its sovereignty during the Russo-Georgia War in 2008 and has remained so until today. Because of its location deep in the Caucasus Mountains and strict Visa regime, South Ossetia is the least-visited of the unrecognized countries.

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2-Day Tour

2 days in the least-visited unrecognized country in the world is perfect for those who just want a small teaser.

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6-Day Ultimate Tour

Our Ultimate Tour to South Ossetia is geared towards groups of 4 and up. However, we can also work with smaller groups.

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Our 4-Day South Ossetia tours take you to the most off-the-beaten-path of unrecognized countries. An truly authentic experience!

South Ossetia

6-Day Tour

6 days in South Ossetia is our most in-depth tour to the little-known unrecognized country that most people have never heard of.