Somaliland Travel


Somaliland, a former British Protectorate, achieved its independence from Britain in 1960. Somaliland united with the former Italian colony of Somalia in the same year to form the recognized Republic of Somalia. During the Somali Civil War in 1991, Somaliland declared itself as an independent State.

Today, Somaliland is an unrecognized country in the Horn of Africa, internationally recognized as part of Somalia.


Constitutionally, Somaliland has a multi-party system of democracy, with an elected president and local council. Since 1991, the country has held 5 democratic elections, and has already established monetary as well as national policies to guide its operations. 


2-Day Tour

2 days in Somaliland is for those already in the region of east Africa. Why not pop over to Somaliland?


5-Day Tour

5 days in Somaliland will take you all over the countries. See all the major cities and most of the sights.


3-Day Tour

Our 3-Day Somaliland tour is just enough to get a taste of this unrecognized country and of the local Somali culture.


4-Day Tour

4 days in Somaliland is good amount of time to see many of the unbelievable sights that this unique country has to offer.