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Unrecognized Country

Somaliland, once British Somaliland and later part of Somalia, broke away from its southern neighbour during the Somali Civil War in 1991.

Since then, Somaliland has been an independence State, yet has remained unrecognized by the international community.

Somaliland Travel

Since Somaliland does in fact have a functioning international airport, it is quite simple for travellers from around the world to get to.

Regular flights from the United Arab Emirates and Ethiopia offer travellers from both Europe and Asia easy access to this unrecognized country.

In addition to easy access, unlike its neighbour Somalia, Somaliland is considered quite safe for tourists and locals alike and a great place to see authentic Somali culture is a safer environment.

University of Hargeisa

The University of Hargeisa (abbreviated as UoH) is a public university located in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, founded in 2000.

The university has roughly 7,000 students, with degrees ranging from four to six years. It is the most prominent and largest higher education institution in the unrecognized country. The University of Hargeisa provides a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields.

Although unrecognized, the university has collaborated with many international academic institutions in different capacities including; King's College, Harvard University, the International University of Africa and other universities in the Horn of Africa.

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