Transnistria Tourism

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Transnistria is an unrecognized country once part of the Soviet Union. Internationally recognized as part of Moldova, the country has not actually been under the control of the central government in Chisinau since the region gained independence from Moscow.

Today, the country is revered by history and Soviet enthusiasts from around the world as the best remaining example of the former superpower (USSR).

The reason for this is because Transnistria is home to strong Soviet nostalgia which has lead it to adopt (or keep) most of its Soviet symbols and imagery, in addition to preserving its large collection of authentic Soviet statues, building, street names and other imagery.

Transnistria Tourism

Being the closest unrecognized country to the European Union, Transnistria is surprisingly easy to get to.

Although the unrecognized country does not have a functioning international airport, Transnistria can easily be accessed through international airports in neighbouring Chisinau (Moldova) or Odessa (Ukraine). The two airports are only a short drive or train ride from the border with the unrecognized country.

Even with its close proximity to many European countries, Transnistria still largely remains off-the-beaten-path for most Western travellers. In addition, Russians also tend not to make their way to the country, leaving Transnistria without much international tourism.

Many of the tourists who come here are from neighbouring Moldova or Ukraine and often to visit family who resides in the region (Transnistria's population is made up of similar amounts of ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and Moldovans/Romanians).

Internationally recognized as part of Moldova, which itself is the least-visited country in Europe, it is not difficult to understand why most travellers either avoid this unique region or just don't know about its existence.

With all the above said however, travellers who do make their way to this hidden treasure are rarely disappointed.

Often referred to as a 'country caught in a Soviet time-warp,' the unrecognized country is perfect for adventure travellers, Soviet/communism enthusiasts and just about anyone who wants a surreal travel experience.

How can travelling to a country that doesn't technically exist not be a unique and surreal travel experience?

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