Soviet Imagery in Transnistria

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

By: The PH Team

The unrecognized country of Transnistria is widely known amongst enthusiasts as a relic of its Soviet past.

The country, often referred to as 'stuck in a Soviet time-warp,' is home to some of the world's best collections of authentic Soviet statues, symbols and imagery.

Flag of Transnistria

The flag of Transnistria, although unrecognized, is considered to be the only remaining flag in the world that depicts a 'hammer and sickle.' Throughout the 20th century, the hammer and sickle was a common symbol seen on flags of various socialist States and regions.

Today, Transnistria is the only one remaining, as it officially adopted the flag of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic upon gaining de facto independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Statues of Lenin in Transnistria

Statues of Vladimir Lenin used to be common place in the Soviet Union, other socialist States and later in post-Soviet States.

However, as these States began to adopt and form their own national narratives, such statues quickly disappeared from public spaces.

Transnistria on the the other hand, has not taken down these authentic pieces of Soviet history. Rather, the unrecognized country has embraced them as sort of a reminder of its former glory during the years of the Soviet Union.

Today, Transnistria is considered a playground for history and Soviet enthusiasts, or travellers just looking for a unique experience and an authentic glimpse into what used to be behind the 'iron curtain.'

Coat of Arms of Transnistria

The coat of Arms of Transnistria, like its flag, is the only remaining coat of arms in the world still depicting a 'hammer and sickle.'

Similar to the coat of arms of the former Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, this symbol of Transnistria is a reminder to both citizens and tourists that Transnistria has not let go of its past, and in fact, that is was a good time in its history.

Other Soviet Imagery in Transnistria

In addition to all of the other Soviet imagery in Transnistria, the unrecognized country is home to what is probably the world's last Soviet military parade.

Taking place every year on the country's independence day, onlookers can't mistake which military the Armed Forces of Transnistria are trying to portray.

In addition to Transnistria's Soviet military parades, monuments in the country are also a reminder of former military allegiance (and perhaps present?) of its citizens.


Gagauzia, Transnistria's neighbour, is an ex-unrecognized country and currently an autonomous region of Moldova.

Much like Transnistria, Gagauzia declared independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The autonomous region however, took the route of negotiations with Moldova in order to end the conflict.

Soviet Imagery in Gagauzia

Much like Transnistria, Gagauzia is proud of its Soviet past. For Gagauzia, it was a better time for its citizens in what is considered now one of the most impoverished regions in Europe.

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