Somaliland University of Technology

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Unrecognized Country

The Republic of Somaliland is an unrecognized country in the Horn of Africa. Internationally recognized as part of Somalia, it has been de facto independent since 1991.

Somaliland Tourism

Although Somaliland is considered safe to visit, the number of foreign tourists to the country is still very small. With most Westerners seeing the unrecognzied country as the same as Somalia, they decide to visit other parts of the continent instead.

With that said, tourism to the country is in fact growing and international tourists are beginning to appreciate the untouched and pristine places, nature and historical sites Somaliland has to offer.

Somaliland University of Technology

The Somaliland University of Technology is the second biggest university in Somaliland. Behind only the University of Hargeisa in terms of size and prestige, it gained official university status in 2007.

Construction for the newest part of the campus was was funded by the Islamic Development Bank based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and opened in 2007.

The university offers a range of degrees and fields of study, including; engineering and architecture, global studies, computer science, environmental sciences, economics and business administration.

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