Somaliland Tourism

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Somaliland is an unrecognized country in the Horn of Africa. Internationally recognized as part of neighbouring Somalia, Somaliland however, has not been under the control of Mogadishu since the Somali Civil War in 1991.

During the war, Hargeisa, Somaliland's capital, was almost entirely destroyed. Today, it has been completely rebuilt and Somalilanders live in safety, security and claim to be the only democracy in the region.

Somaliland Tourism

Tourism to Somaliland is not only possible, but it is also quite simple. In comparison to its recognized neighbour Somalia, Somaliland is considered safe for international tourists and is a great place to experience authentic Somali culture in a secure environment.

Since Somaliland is the only unrecognized country with a functioning international airport, tourists from all over the world can fly right into this unrecognized country from various regional and international hubs such as; Dubai in the UAE and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and others.

In addition, the country and its inhabitants are known for their hospitality when welcoming the few foreign guests they receive every year.

The unrecognized country has much to offer all types of travellers including those interested in nature, culture, history, politics, food and ones who are just more adventurous than others.

Since it is in fact recognized as part of Somalia, Western tourists find themselves deterred from the region altogether because of instability.

However, Somaliland itself is not subject to this and is a safe place for a new adventure and considered the only democracy in the region.

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