How to Get to Turkmenistan

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

By: The PH Team

Turkmenistan is one of the most unique and least-visited destinations in the world. In addition to its tough Visa process and remote location, many tourists just do not know how simple it is to actually get to Turkmenistan.

Below, we will explain how getting to this off-the-beaten-path destination is more simple than you might think.

Travel to Turkmenistan by Plane

Turkmenistan is easiest accessed by plane with Turkmenistan Airlines. The national air carrier has direct routes all over the world and is a simple option for most travellers wishing to take a tour of this secretive state.

From Europe

For travellers living or already travelling in Europe, regular flights are operated from the United Kingdom (London & Birmingham), Germany (Frankfurt), the Czech Republic, Turkey (Istanbul & Ankara), Latvia, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia and Belarus.

From Asia

For travellers who are already in Asia, regular flights operate from China, India, Malaysia, the UAE, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

Travel to Turkmenistan on Land

Turkmenistan is a country which borders Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Afghanistan. It can be accessed on land by travellers who are already in any of these countries and wish to visit some of the unbelievable historical and modern sights that Turkmenistan has to offer.

In addition, the country can also be entered by ferry on the Caspian Sea from neighbouring Azerbaijan.

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