How to Get to Transnistria

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Getting to Transnistria is more simple than you might think. Transnistria is the closest unrecognized country to the European Union (EU), located between two non-EU countries - Ukraine and Moldova.

As such, travellers who are from or travelling within Europe, can easily make their way over to this unrecognized country caught in a Soviet time-warp!

Getting to Transnistria by Plane

Long story short, like more other unrecognized countries, Transnistria does not have a functioning international airport and therefore cannot be accessed directly by plane.

However, with the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, and the Ukrainian city of Odessa right next door, travellers have no problem flying to an airport nearby.

Getting to Transnistria on Land

Although the unrecognized country does not have an airport, travellers have a few different options when wishing to enter Transnistria on land.

From Moldova

Travellers who wish to enter the country from Moldova can easily take a bus or train from the capital city, Chisinau.

Direct buses to Transnistria's capital, Tiraspol, operate regularily from the main bus station in Chisinau. Since the ride is just under two hours, it is an easy and quick option to get to Transnistria.

Another option is by train. It should be noted, this train goes from Moldova to Ukraine through Transnistria.

Although the train does in fact stop in Transnistria, the train does not acknowledge that you will have to enter Transnistria before arriving in Ukraine - hence the country is unrecognized.

From Ukraine

Like Moldova, the bus and train are both options to enter Transnistria from Ukraine. However, when entering from Ukraine, there are a few unique differences.

Like the train from Moldova, the train from the Ukraine goes from Ukraine to Moldova without acknowledging stops in Transnistria as a separate country.

Although you are technically entering Moldova from the Ukraine, you will actually be entering Moldova by going through Transnistrian passport control.

Since there is no passport check when entering Moldova from Transnistria, you will need to address this issue upon arrival in Chisinau and obtain a Moldovan entrance stamp, should you decide to continue onto Moldova.

Although this might sound confusing, it is not. Especially for those wishing to join an organized tour, we will take care of everything for you!

Getting to Gagauzia

Getting to the autonomous region of Gagauzia is just as simple as finding your way to Transnistria.

Unlike Transnistria, Gagauzia is an autonomous region of Moldova and not an unrecognized country.

Regular buses operate directly to Gagauzia from the main bus station in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau.

In addition, travellers who have already made their way to Transnistria, can easily continue their journey to Gagauzia from the bus station in Transnistria's capital - Tiraspol.

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