How to Get to South Ossetia

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South Ossetia is an unrecognized country internationally recognized as part of neighbouring Georgia.

The country is probably the least-visited of all unrecognized countries as a result of its location deep in the Caucasus Mountains. With only one road leading in and out, it is a little more difficult to reach than our other destinations.

Like most unrecognized countries, South Ossetia does not have a functioning international airport and travellers can only access this hidden gem on land.

Although it borders both Russian and Georgia, the border with Georgia is closed indefinitely and therefore access can only be gained through the territory of North Ossetia in the Russian Federation.

Getting to South Ossetia from Russia

The South Ossetia - Russia border is the unrecognized country's only open border and main lifeline to the outside world.

Travellers who wish to explore this extremely off-the-beaten-path destination must first enter Russia in order to make their way to South Ossetia.

This means that, travellers who are citizens of the European Union (EU), North American countries, Australia and New Zealand, will be required to first obtain a multiple-entry Russian Visa before being able to plan a trip to South Ossetia.

South Ossetia - Georgia Border

Since gaining de facto independence during the Russo-Georgia War in 2008, the South Ossetia - Georgia border has been closed indefinitely. Unlike Abkhazia, no travellers are able to cross this border and access can only be gained through Russia.

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