How to Get to Somaliland

By: The PH Team

Somaliland is an unrecognized country in the Horn of Africa. Unlike other unrecognized countries around the world, Somaliland actually has a functioning international airport and is therefore able to be accessed by both air and land!

As such, even though located a little farther away than some of our other destinations, it is one of our easiest destinations to actually get to.

Getting to Somaliland by Plane

Somaliland is home to a functioning international airport in its capital, Hargeisa. The Hargeisa Egal International Airport operates regular flights to and from Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai & Sharjah), Kenya and other regional travel hubs.

In this regard, it is unique amongst unrecognized countries in that it has a functioning international airport. Curious travellers can easily fly in from all over the world to check out the only democracy in the Horn of Africa!

Getting to Somaliland by Land

Somaliland can be accessed on land from both Djibouti and Ethiopia. Somaliland Visas can be obtained at the Somaliland diplomatic missions in either country and travellers can easily continue their travels from there.

However, most travellers tend to cross on land from Ethiopia rather than Djibouti, since Ethiopia is a bigger tourist destination than Djibouti.

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