Flag of Transnistria

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Transnistria is an unrecognzied country located between Moldova and Ukraine. It declared independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Even with its sovereignty confirmed during the Transnistria War, which ended in 1992, Transnistria does in-fact remain internationally recognized as part of neighbouring Moldova.

Soviet Symbolism

Soviet symbolism in Transnistria is vast. Everything from its flag, statues, coat of arms, military, police force, street signs and names, to government buildings, have maintained communist and Soviet symbols - with little indication of this changing anytime in the near future.

Flag of Transnistria

The flag of Transnistria is unique in the world. It is the only remaining flag in the world which still depicts the communist 'hammer and sickle.'

The flag was adopted, even retained, after the country declared independence from the Soviet Union. This is because Transnistria still uses the official flag that once belonged to the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic - of which it was a part.

When Moldova became independent from the Soviet Union, many places in Transnistria refused to fly the new Moldovan flag and continued to fly the flag of the Soviet Union.

With the breakout of the Transnistria War, the country reaffirmed its sovereignty over the territory east of the Dniestr River and adopted many symbols and institutions left over from the former world superpower.

Continued use of the flag of the former Moldavian SSR was popular and although remained in use all along, it was not officially adopted as the flag of Transnistria until 2000.

For government use, only the State flag is valid which includes the hammer and sickle. Transnistrian law does however permit the use of a simplified version of the flag for non-governmental use, which does not include the hammer and sickle or the star above it. This flag depicts only the red-green-red pattern of colors on the Transnistrian flag.

It should be noted however, despite the flag, coat of arms, Soviet nostalgia and other Soviet symbolism used by Transnistria on the State level, Transnistria is not actually a socialist state.

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