Comrat, Gagauzia

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Gagauzia, once an unrecognized country, is an autonomous region within the Republic of Moldova and home to the Gagauz people, who make of the majority of the population in Gagauzia.

The region declared independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, however later negotiated to rejoin Moldova, of which the region was internationally recognized as part of.

Gagauzians are an ethnic Turkic group who largely inhabit the region of Gagauzia and other surrounding areas of the former Soviet Union. Although they are an ethnic Turkic group, they are in fact a majority Christian population.


Comrat (Komrat), is the capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia. Comrat's population is roughly 21,000, of which the vast majority are ethnic Gagauzians.

Comrat began to be settled in 1789, and was part of the Soviet Union for most of the 20th century. During the time when the town was part of Moldavian SSR, Comrat's industry was geared toward the production of butter, wine, and rugs.

As the region of Gagauzia was part of the Moldavian SSR within the Soviet Union, Western policy was to recognize declarations of independence only of Soviet Socialist Republics (SSR) after the dissolution of the former superpower and not regions within those republics.

As such, Gagauzia was internationally recognized as part of the newly independent Republic of Moldova.

For those who wish to further their academic careers, the Comrat State University was established in 2002 and is the primary university within this autonomous region of Moldova.

Traditionally, Gagauzia and its inhabitants are famous for their wines and related products. In Comrat and its suburbs alone there are about 10 wineries, all considered of high quality.

In addition, Comrat is home to food processing factories, other alcohol alcohol production, and an oil processing plant - the only of its kind in Moldova.

Comrat Tourism

Primary sites in Comrat include; the Cathedral of Saint John Baptist, the museum of local history, the museum of Gagauz culture, the Gagauz art gallery, the Turkish library by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the alley of Gagauz glory, the memorial dedicated to defenders of Comrat, the monument dedicated to troops suffered in Afghanistan, the monument of Vladimir Lenin, monument of military tank and the monument to victims of Stalinist repressions.

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