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Abkhazian Apsar: Unrecognized Currency

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Abkhazia is an unrecognized country in the Caucasus region, internationally recognized as part of Georgia.

During the years of the Soviet Union, Abkhazia was known as a prime holiday destination often referred to as the 'Soviet Riviera.'

Abkhazian Apsar

The Abkhazian Apsar is the unrecognized currency of an unrecognized country. Although many unrecognized countries also mint their own currency, the Abkhazian Apsar is different in a few ways.

Unlike the Somaliland Shilling and Transnistrian Ruble, the Abkhazian Apsar is a largely symbolic currency and citizens do not use it as their primary currency of transaction. In Abkhazia, the de facto currency is actually the Russian Ruble.

Coins in denominations of 1, 10, 25, 50, and 100 Apsars and banknotes of 500 Apsars have been issued. While the coins are officially legal tender in the Republic of Abkhazia, their usage is very limited, and the coins are mostly made for collectors.

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