5 Reasons to Visit Abkhazia

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

By: The PH Team

Unrecognized Country

Abkhazia is an unrecognized country bordering Russia, Georgia and the Black Sea. The country, once part of the Soviet Union, has been cherished for generations as a prime holiday destination because of its proximity to the sea, abundance of natural beauties and its unique subtropical climate.

1) Former Vacation Spot of Stalin

Abkhazia was revered as a holiday destination spot by Russian royalty during the time of the Russian empire, and later by the Soviet elite - including Stalin himself.

Stalin was known to spend much of his spare time vacationing at his green 'dacha' in what is now the unrecognized country of Abkhazia.

In addition to Stalin, other important Soviet officials also made the region their home during the summer months.

2) Abandoned Places

Since the end of the War in Abkhazia, many buildings and even entire areas have remained abandoned.

One such town, Tkvarchal (Tkvarcheli) is an entire abandoned 'ghost-town' open for curious travellers to come and check out.

At its peak, the town was a typical Soviet industrial town filled with houses, factories and other places of work. Today, the town is left completely empty as the nature of the surrounding Caucasus mountains takes back what used to be a flourishing socialist 'paradise.'

3) Mountain Caves

Abkhazia is home to some unbelievable natural phenomena. The Krubera Cave for example, is thought to be the deepest cave on earth and is located in Abkhazia.

At 2,197 meters (7,208 feet) the Krubera cave is the deepest on Earth. Located in the Arabika Massif in Abkhazia and extends for 13.432km (8.3 miles)

4) Unique Sub-Tropical Climate

Abkhazia has not been a vacation destination for generations of royalty for no reason. The unrecognized country is home to a very unique sub-tropical climate.

It means that unlike neighboring regions, the small country has many different climates present within its territory, with hot summers and mild winters.

It is not unusual to see the palm trees lining the streets of Abkhazia filled with snow during the winter months - a very unique sight indeed!

5) Mountains and Beaches

Abkhazia is surrounding by the sea and mountains. On one side, the beautiful Caucasus mountain ranges provide a natural barrier between Abkhazia and Russia, and onn the other, the shores of the Black Sea provide the small territory with incredible sandy beaches for tourists to relax on.

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