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Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan refers to the four northern Iraqi Provinces, which are autonomous of the central Iraqi government and ruled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). In addition to its own government, the autonomous region is home to its own military, the Peshmerga, and judicial system.


These provinces achieved de facto independence after an uprising in 1991 and their autonomy has now been enshrined into the Iraqi federal constitution.

Kurdistan (“Land of the Kurds”) refers to an area of Kurdish settlement within the territories of todays Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

Iraqi Kurdistan

3-Day Budget Tour

Our 3-Day Iraqi Kurdistan Tour is our shortest glimpse into this unique autonomous region in northern Iraq.

Iraqi Kurdistan

8-Day Ultimate Tour

This is our most advanced tour of Iraqi Kurdistan. Tourist will have the chance of seeing most of the region's unique sights.

Iraqi Kurdistan

4-Day Budget Tour

4 days in Iraqi Kurdistan isn't enough. However, if you don't have anymore time, it is still a nice taste of this beautiful region.

Iraqi Kurdistan

5-Day Budget Tour

5 days in Iraqi Kurdistan is just enough time to see many of the amazing sights and much of the Kurdish scenery.