Autonomous Regions


Autonomous regions refers to independence on the internal or domestic level “as foreign affairs and defense normally are in the hands of the central or national government, but occasionally power to conclude international agreements concerning cultural or economic matters also may reside with the autonomous entity.

In other words, autonomous regions are internal areas of state with higher degrees of autonomy and expression compared to others due to their geographical or cultural distinction.

These regions are allowed to express themselves without interference of the State while simultaneously existing a part of it. Inherently, autonomous regions are a political “compromise between independence and complete integration”

"It's Like Travelling to a Country Within a Country"

Iraqi Kurdistan


Largely operating as a de-facto state, with its own military, Iraq's 2005 Constitution recognises an autonomous Kurdistan region in the north of the country, run by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

North Caucasus



The North Caucasus is a region of the Caucasus in Southern Russia, bordering Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan to the south. Tours can include; Chechnya, Dagestan, North Ossetia & Ingushetia.



During your tour to Transnistria, add an extension to the Moldovan Autonomous Region of Gagauzia!​