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Abkhazia Tours


Abkhazia is a mostly mountainous country with many Abkhazians still living in rural areas. They live in old, hand-built stone houses in small towns throughout the mountains, relying on their own crops and livestock for food.


Houses are usually shared by three to four generations of a family. More and more, Abkhazians have also settled in the cities and towns, where many live in high-rise apartments. Despite living in urban areas, a lot of Abkhazian families still keep their own livestock, including horses, cows, chickens and sheep.


There are few fields to keep the animals enclosed, so they are usually free to wander around the surrounding roads and gardens, which is a true reminder of the laid-back lifestyle of Abkhazia.

Education varies widely in the country with rural children primarily being home school and urban children graduating at the age of 17. The main university of Abkhazia is the Abkhazian State University, which is in Sukhum.

Abkhazia is located on the Black Sea, situated between Russia and Georgia. Abkhazia covers 3,300 square miles along the eastern shores of the Black Sea and the Caucasus mountains. Roughly three-fourths of Abkhazia is mountainous, which contrasts against the sea to create outstanding scenery and landscapes.


The region is famous amongst Russians for its excellent seacoast resorts, which attracted prominent Soviet figures such as Josef Stalin, who made Abkhazia his Summer home


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